Monday, 2 September 2013

I want my ME TV.

The days were flying by quickly for me on the REHAB Floor of BELLEVUE and the days seamlessly turned into weeks.
I went with the flow and in no time had formulated a routine.
The Night shift Nurse's Aids would wake me up, help me get washed and dressed  around Five  Forty Five AM.  Breakfast was typically served between seven fifteen and seven forty five, and then Speech Therapy followed with a session from eight thirty to nine or nine Fifteen. from there,I'd have Occupational Therapy from Nine Thirty to ten thirty,followed by Physical Therapy from Ten Thirty to eleven thirty. Lunch was served back in my room  at Eleven Thirty , allowing  me time to lay low until Twelve Thirty PM. From Twelve Thirty until One Thirty,I had, group Occupational Therapy, followed by another instalment of regular Occupational Therapy until Two Thirty. I'd then conclude each day with a final hour of Physical Therapy,getting me back to my room by Three Forty Five.
From Four to Nine Pm everyday,my room was a revolving door for a Hodge Podge of friends,family and acquaintances paying a visit.  I pretty much welcomed all who was welcome to take the time and energy to come see me. However, I asked that everyone, and anyone who made the trip, to make a pit stop at the Au BU Pan in the Hospital lobby and grab a Large  Decaf Iced Coffee. Due to the Heart precautions that I was regulated to,I wasn't yet allowed to consume much Caffeine,so the Iced Coffee was the one thing that I looked forward to each day.  I would rarely eat the Dinner that Bellevue provided,so I mostly relied on family to bring me  more nutritious selections.
My numerous guests would normally all clear out  by Eight Thirty each night, allotting me some daily Television Time. The Hospital Television channels were basically restricted to a basic eight or so stations,no cable. But it did carry a station, called,ME TV. IN my mind,ME TV is like a poor man's version of NICK AT NITE or TV LAND. The station carries, syndicated reruns of  The BOB NEWHART show,MASH,  The MARY TYLER MOORE Show, and other classic Television shows from the 1950's to 80's.
It was easy to get used to falling asleep to that channel.

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