Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Not quite ready...

 As you can imagine,Post Stroke living  up in ICU on the tenth floor was much more difficult than it was when it was only post Dissection. For starters,I was pretty much restricted to a bed, Day Chair and  once in a Golden moment,the fold in toilet.  Being that my Heart, Brain and Nervous System were all put through the ringer within two weeks,Bowel Movements weren't easy to come by. Liquid Laxatives, Pills,OIL, Prune Juice suppositories,we tried and failed,and tried and failed some more-anything to get this boy to  make a NUMBER TWO.  I felt like I was in a Metamucil commercial with Wilford Brimley. Finally, after close to a week of trying to make the magic come to fruition,I completed my task while I was asleep in bed. I was quickly approaching a month stay in the country's oldest Hospital,when I received word that the time had come for me to transfer down to the sixth floor to begin my rehabilitation. The start of some sort exercise being back in my life would do wonders for my mind,body and soul,and I yearned to be fortunate enough to have that.
Anyway,I was all packed up ready to make the move downstairs,I was just waiting for the transport Orderly to show up and formerly escort me there.
Either I was disoriented by the anticipation of waiting for the orderly or I suffered a mini stroke,but something recognizably confused me,and that was the Catalyst  for me being suspended up in ICU FLOOR for two extra days.

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