Monday, 1 July 2013

NEVER alone for too long.

ONCE I was allowed to eat and drink again,it was all downhill from there.
The first thing to return Post STROKE was movement in the left side of my face.
Finally,I could  chew,talk and make funny faces, all of which were my favorite things to do as a boy.
A cherubic Speech Therapist worked with me to make sure I was properly exercising my lips,Tongue and cheeks.With the help of a Tooth Brush,and Tongue Compressor anything was possible.
if only my left hand arm cooperated as well as the face did. The arm/hand took much longer and much more work to come back around. My Father would place a rubber ball or squeeze Toy in the Palm of my left hand and  it would just roll out. At best,the visiting Physical Therapist could get me to stand up for 10 seconds.
It felt like all i did for 10 days straight was eat,sit around, interact with Doctors,Nurses and Therapists and host the myriad of visitors who dropped by my ICU  room at the HOTEL BELLEVUE.
Most of my visiting  friends  and family members would  enter my room with a decaf iced Coffee in hand for me. By the time of my discharge after 9 and a half weeks in Bellevue,I must have tallied way over a 100 different visitors and consumed at least 300 decaf Iced Coffees.

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