Monday, 24 June 2013

More ice chips,please?

No longer in a Step Down room,I was  demoted to a standard ICU room and once again,I found myself hooked up to a smorgasbord of wires,and tubes.
The morning after the Stroke,I woke to the sight of my MOTHER and HEART SURGEON holding hands and crying together. At that point,I couldn't move my fingers,hands, feet or legs. And it ended up being a Month until I could move my fingers and six months for wiggling my toes.
Due the swelling in my Brain,the only form of food or drink that I was allowed for 4 days was a limited amount of Ice chips. A family Member or Friend would place a spoonful in my Moth every four hours  and that would be it for nourishment. Finally, late on the fourth day,a cherubic Speech Pathologist administered a Swallow Test. The Test determined if I possessed the ability and control to swallow or not. Passing it would bring me back to the Promise land of Diner food and Fresca, failing would limit me to a I V Smorgasbord.  Of course,I passed the test of GRAHAM Crackers with flying colours. Almost five days with no food and limited drink,pushed me to make for lost time. By week's end,I was averaging a box of Melba Toast a day.

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