Monday, 3 June 2013

Can Somebody, please get me a Fresca or something?

According to Freddie and Burt,I farted and then laughed at it when the Paramedics transferred me from my couch onto the stretcher.
It was at that point that I made the subconscious decision to always use humor to add levity to most situations ,masking the high stakes of what life throws my way. New York's finest made the most logical  choice by rushing me to the closest,oldest in the nation, and best Hospital for Trauma care, BELLVUE HOSPITAL.
Upon arriving in the Emergency Room, it was determined that my Heart had been bleeding for close to two days and that it resembled a Heart that had  been stabbed repeatedly. By using  the Technology of a portable Ultra Sound unit,Emergency Room Doctors determined that I suffered an Aortic Dissection (my Aorta exploded). They believed that if I didn't arrive when I did that I might not have lived much longer.Those same Doctors expressed to my Family that any other Hospital would not have operated on me because my Condition was considered a  high risk. Therefore, I most likely would have expired had I been brought to any other Medical Center in the Metropolitan area.I provided the Emergency Room Doctor's and Nurse the phone numbers of my Uncle and Parents.Then one  of  the Doctor's informed me that I had an Aneurysm in my Heart. I Guess that all of the internal turmoil had caused me feel hot, thirsty and dry in the throat. Being that parched and uncomfortable,I found myself asking the Nurse,"Can Somebody,please get me a Fresca or something?" Being that I was minutes from going into Surgery,the answer was no,you can't have anything to drink. The last thing I remember is an IV being inserted into my arm and attempting to count down from 50 to 0. I don't even think I made it to 30.

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