Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Who's the President of the United States?

Surgery to replace the Valve in my Heart  officially began at 6:30 on a Tuesday and lasted to almost 3Am Wednesday .  My life saving Surgeon,Abe DeAnda.  was heartfelt and honest when telling my family, I'm "not sure he'll make it to the Operating room" And he was just as blunt , post surgery, when telling them,"All I can tell you is that he's alive" Thinking that he may have to go back in to do  some additional  fixing on my Arteries,My Surgeon and his team left me paralysed in a medically induced Coma for two days.  The sharp,to the point voice of a the Recovery room Nurse and a image of my Cousin's scraggly Beard is what I remember awaking from my Slumber. First I saw my parents and Uncle. Then I saw my Sibling's and my Cousin. This had to be serious business,because my Brother,David flew in directly from Beijing to be with my Family. And finance pros like,David Abrams don't postpone Business opportunities for anything less than ICU.
Now that the Family got to see me in a quasi conscious state,it was the Nurse's turn to see where I stood. Of Course, I knew my name,age and that I was in Bellvue Hospital. New York's east side. Then, she asked"Who's the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES"?  With the quickness,I replied,"BARACK OBAMA for now"  That was all my Family needed to hear to know that I was alive and kicking. Once my family left me sleep in the Recovery room, my body and soul realised that it had two options; let go,closing my eyes for an eternal slumber or fight. I chose the latter option and have been doing so since that moment.

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