Sunday, 2 June 2013

LIsten to your Heart.

"I passed out the moment I crawled into the back of the Taxi. That appeared to be normal behavior for me,considering that i had a knack of falling asleep on the subway and waking up just in time for my stop. My Subway naps could range  from a one stop deal to an hour long jaunt from deep in Brooklyn all away to  the Yorkville section of Manhattan. However,what prompted me to hail the Taxi wasn't normal behavior. I was walking back from a unannounced visit to my Primary Physician, when a sudden  sharp pain rained all over my upper Back,Neck and Shoulder Blades..
Not that I've been ever been smashed with a Sledgehammer,but that's what I equated the sensation that manifested itself in my upper body. Miraculously, I mustered up enough strength to hail a taxi instead of  attempting to soldier on  by mere foot power.  Unusual for my healthy lifestyle,a shortness of breath and a funky feeling inside had been bothering me for over 36 had began on late Sunday evening,January 1st 2012.  Due to NEW YEAR"S EVE falling on a Saturday, most businesses were closed on Monday,making January 2nd the official NEW YEAR"S Day.So that's what  told me to wait until Tuesday to get my Shortness of breath checked out. Honestly,I didn't think anything of it,and was only making a visit to Doctor Drulinsky,as a "BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY",good measure. I had been recently been putting in over 70 weekly running miles and,sparing with Golden gloves,calibre boxers 2 to 3 times per week. So I considered a shortness of breath to go with the territory of training hard. I woke up that Tuesday and took it to the streets for a lightly paced 6 mile run,regardless of the shortness  of  Breath. I guess I just worked through it and told myself it was nothing.That seemed to work so times before. And it's okay because that's what the Pro's do. Or at least in my warped mind they did.
At the Doctor's office,my Echo Cardiogram came up negative and my Blood Pressure read as normal.
The good Doctor dismissed me for the day,but he referred me to a cardiologist of his liking for the next day,and a full physical the day after that. He agreed with me,that  it probably was nothing.
I do confess,I still felt funky inside as I left the Doctor's office in midtown.
AS the Taxi pulled up in front of the building and I  crawled out of it ,I was greeted by  my Doorman and pal,Freddie and the Building Superintendent,Burt. Had I not been the wisecracking, joke, smack talking  pal who enjoyed hanging out withe doormen and Porters in the lobby,Freddie would not have confronted me about my  more than peculiar pale complexion. Had I just been a guy who lived in the building,Freddie would left me be to stagger myself out of the Taxi,through the lobby, up the Elevator,to my apartment, where my nap on the couch would have turned  easily could have turned into a dirt nap.
After two minutes of arguing with the boys, I gave in to having an Ambulance called for me. Burt called and waited in the lobby for the Paramedics. Meanwhile,Freddie escorted me up to my Apartment, assisted me onto my couch and waited by my side. According to him,I was foaming at the moth,my eyes had rolled back into my head and my pupils were fully dilated.
I guess the funky feeling inside and the shortness of breath was my Heart trying to tell me something.

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