Saturday, 15 June 2013

Protected by the Ghosts of the EASTMAN pavillion

The start of the second week of my residency was surprisingly simple and relaxing. IT primarily consisted of taking short walks,exercising with two appointed Therapists and spending time with numerous visitors.The point was for my body to rest while it stabilized under the use of Blood Thinners. Turn of the Century New York. Newspaper men  dubbed a section Of Bellvue,Eastman Pavilion after,Notorious street Ruffian,Monk Eastman. According to Lore,Monk earned a slice of Bellvue because his violent antics were responsible for recruiting so many folks into becoming residents of the Hospital. With that being said, it was during the second week that I came to the conclusion that the restless spirits of the Turn of the century were watching over me in Bellvue.
During wee hours rips to the bathroom,I'd peer out my Window and would swear  that I witnessed an old Horse drawn Ambulance transporting a injured body to the Emergency room.ON a particular evening,I spotted a Turn of the century, NY police officer pacing the hallway.  I was convinced that the spirits of strong Arm men and Tammany Hall politicians of yesteryear were watching over me for entire duration of my residency at Bellvue. I even found myself asking a Nurse for a old Mason Jar instead of a plastic Urinal. That's they used back then.

What was most important was  that I was eating well and that my Blood level was starting to balance itself out. The quicker that happened,the quicker I would be discharged
Pancakes from  the Sunflower Diner and Horseradish  and Beets  salad from Veselka were the most memorable meals that were bought for me that week. Thursday would be the first of 3 straight days of interesting guests. Having flown straight in from Business meetings in LA , my Brother,David stopped  by for a short and sweet visit around 5:30 pm. Bellvue is strategically built near a couple of half way decent Pizza Joints,which allowed David to grab a NEW YORK slice or two before jumping on the Silver Bird back to London.
Bearing a Pastry box full of Red Velvet cake,my parents friends,the Weinberger's showed up around 7 pm. Good thing,I wasn't Diabetic. I played catch up  and made small talk with them until another visitor showed up. Fresh out of a 14 hour shift in the ER,Dr.Brendan Connell paid me a visit around 8 pm that evening.
Along with Dr.Novik, Dr.Connell was responsible for tending to me in the ER and using the a portable ULTRASOUND MACHINE to detect that I had a Aortic Dissection.
Though it had only been 9 days,it felt like so much had happened since I had been rushed to the Emergency room by Gotham's finest Paramedics. THE Good Doctor just wanted to reintroduce himself and explain to me  first hand how they made the discovery of what was going on within my HEART.  HE and I are long over due to grab a drink sometime.

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