Saturday, 8 June 2013

Corrections and CAT SCANS

It was now Sunday and after 3 days of anticipating,I was finally transferred out of the communal hot box and into a private ICU room.But before I could get settled in,I was required to report to the Radiology floor for  a CAT SCAN  After completing the scan,I had to wait for the transfer aid to finish his Union lunch break before he could return me to ICU floor. So,basically I was loitering around the hallway unattended in a Hospital bed.  Being that BELLVUE is a City Hospital, it has a Corrections area and provides  Medical care for Riker's Island's ill and injured inmates. Unknown to me at the time,the basement floor is shared by the Corrections and Radiology Departments.
I spotted a Corrections   Officer pacing the Hall, while he waited for the two patients under his watch to finish up their respective Scans.  The two criminal patients were handcuffed to each other,leaving their other hands free. The  officer wore a  holstered Glock.
I couldn't help but think that I would make for an ideal hostage. because of the physical condition I was in. And I figured it wouldn't be too difficult for one those guests to remove the  Glock from the Officer's Holster and pull it on me,while the other guy distracted him. All I Kept telling myself is "I'm not in shape to defend myself if the shit hits the fan". finally, after only waiting 15 minutes,the Transfer Aid arrived and swiftly returned me to my new room on the ICU floor. My Sister was waiting there for me to return,so of course,I Had to share the details of my journey to the basement.I remember getting excited and  mentioning something about filing a complaint, regarding having to wait for the Transfer Aid to finish his lunch break during a potentially dangerous situation.
Now that  I was in a private room,I was able to actually relax,rest a little, and the most important thing;check my phone. See,my Mother had taken my phone out of pocket of the Pants I was wearing when I rushed to ER.  It was now Sunday evening,and I was reading and hearing  messages that were sent between Tuesday  and Sunday. Most of them were from Friends, acquaintance's and Family members, who were informing me that I was in their thoughts and Prayers. I happily hold my Cousin,Eric responsible for that because he served  as the Liaison  between my  family and friends..Eric  swiftly delivered the News of what had happened to me. Sorting through all of those messages was a surreal experience because I was conscious of where I was in the process,when each of those messages was delivered. Say that someone text me on that Thursday,saying that they just "said 50 Hare Krishna prayers for me", I recalled that i was i a medically induced Slumber at that point,and felt their Prayers washing over me. THE ONLY WAY TO OVER POWER A MEDICAL DEBACLE IS TO HAVE FAITH.

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