Thursday, 20 June 2013


As of Sunday the Blood Thinners appeared to have finally stabilized My Blood I&R level. The Consensus was that I would be home bound by Tuesday the latest. Anticipating it might be my last supper at Bellvue,I had my family order me a Turkey Burger from the Sun Flower Diner,my favorite Manhattan Diner. I  topped off my meal with entertainment in the form of watching the Golden Globe Awards. I was in luck because  the Hospital TV set only picked regular Channels. I managed to remain awake for my of the Meaty TV awards,but by 10 pm,I started to dose off. What I took for tiredness was actually weakness, so during a routine Nurse's visit,  my slurred speech was her spot on give away that I suffered a Stroke.  A Blood Clot had Attacked the right side of my Brain,severely effecting my Left side. By midnight,I was once again on the Surgical table. However,this time I wasn't has lucky as I was two weeks prior. They were able to contain the Brain swelling that was caused by the Clot,but they weren't able patch up the Clot all together.
Later that night or earlier that next morning, a weekend, fresh out of MED SCHOOL, Neurology RESIDENT shared his assessment with my Parents and Uncle. He swore to them,"your Son will never walk, use his left hand or swallow again"  With that,MY Mother replied with,"YOU Stay from my SON and never show your face at his room again. To make matters worse,the Stroke caused me to lose a patch of hair from the spot on my Scalp where the Clot spit it's Venom.

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